3rd Grade Math

Common Core 3rd Grade Math Curriculum, Lessons, Worksheets, Word Problems, Practice Tests

Third Grade Math Lessons provided here are arranged in a way that you can learn Math while playing 3rd Grade Math Games.

3rd Grade Math Topics, Practice Test, Worksheet, Question and Answer Key

Eureka Math Grade 3 Answer Key

Grade 3 HMH Go Math – Answer Keys

Grade 3 HMH Go Math – Extra Practice Questions and Answers

Big Ideas Math Grade 3 Answers

Formation of Four-Digit Numbers

International and Roman Numerals

Comparison of Numbers

Geometrical Shapes and Figures

Measurement of Length

Measurement of Mass

Measurement of Capacity

Introduction of Indian Money (Rupees and Paise)

Fractional Numbers

Order of Fractions

Data Handling

Mental Arithmetic and Patterns

3rd Grade Math Topics included covers the concepts such as Four-Digit Numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Geometrical Shapes and Figures, Measurement of Length, Mass, Capacity, Time, and Money, Fractional Numbers, Pictographs, Mental Arithmetic, Patterns, etc.

By Practicing from the Grade 3 Math Worksheets available one can score higher grades in the exams. Get to know the applications of Grade 3 Math Concepts. You can get a good hold of the concepts by simply clicking on the quick links available. Use them as a reference and resolve all your queries and enhance your math skills right from a young age.

We follow a step-wise learning process so that you can understand the concepts better and recognize your mistakes. Keep a track of your learning progress taking the help of the interactive Grade 3 Math Worksheets. You will be accustomed to new concepts, ideas at this stage. Lessons present make it easy for you to absorb the concepts such as time, fractions, geometry, and money in a most efficient way and apply them.

Advantages of Grade 3 Math Curriculum

  • Students will have a plethora of opportunities to calculate the math concepts mentally and put them on paper easily.
  • Grade 3 Math Concepts provided ensures that students ace the curriculum without any difficulty.
  • Solving from the Grade 3 Math Problems one can avoid the speed bumps on the road to math proficiency.
  • Overcome the fear to learn the 3rd Grade Math Concepts that are often complicated math theories and models.
  • Ease the learning curve for your kids by taking help from the 3rd Grade Math Curriculum and add value to your little one’s learning.
  • Students will fall in love with math rather than feel it as a complicated subject.


We believe the knowledge shared regarding the 3rd Grade Math Topics is true as far as our knowledge is concerned. If you need any further assistance do leave us your queries via the comment box so that we can revert back to you at the earliest possibility. Stay tuned to our site to avail latest information on Gradewise Math Practice Topics in a matter of seconds.

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