Word Problems on Four-Digit Numbers

Word Problems on Four-Digit Numbers | 4 Digit Numbers Problems with Solutions

If you are searching for four-digit number word problems, you have landed on the correct web page that gives the information regarding how to solve word problems on four-digit numbers. You can also see the solved examples of word problems on four-digit numbers. Try to practice using these 4 Digit Problems and test your knowledge and improvised on the area accordingly.

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Word Problems on Four-Digit Numbers

Here we will solve some of the word problems on 4-digit numbers. Apply the same method for solving the word problems on 4-digit numbers.

Example 1:

In a school, there are 4530 boys and 6890 girls. How many students are there in the school?


Number of boys in the school=4530

Number of girls in the school=6890

Therefore, the total number of students in the school=4530+6890=11,420.

Example 2:

In a garden, there are 5200 red roses, 2040 white roses, and 1000 orange roses. How many roses are there in the garden?


Number of red roses=5200

Number of White roses=2040

Number of orange roses=1000

Total number of roses in the garden=5200 + 2040+1000=8,240.

Example 3:

In a village, there are 6050 males and 5678 females. What is the population in that village?


Number of males in the village=6050

Number of females in the village=5678

The total population in that village=11,728.

Example 4:

In a library, there are 5420 computer books,3560 chemistry books, and 4289 English literature books. How many books are there in the library?


Number of computers books=5420

Number of chemistry books=3560

Number of English books=4289

Therefore, the Total no of books in the library=5420+3560+4289=13,269.

Example 5:

In a School, there are 6000 children. If 3250 are boys, How many are girls?


Total no of children in the school=6000

Total no of boys=3250

Therefore, the total no of girls=6000-3250=2750.

Example 6:

There are 8560 rice bags in the godown.5200 are taken out for distribution. How many bags are left in the godown?


Total no of rice bags in the godown=8560

No of rice bags taken out for distribution=5200

Therefore, The total No of rice bags that are left=8560-5200=3,360.

Example 7:

There are 5000 rice bags and 6040 wheat bags in the godown.2000 rice bags are taken out for distribution. How many bags are there in the godown?


No of rice bags in the godown=5000

No of rice bags taken out for distribution=2000

Total no of rice bags in the godown=5000-2000=3000

no of Wheat bags in the godown=6040

Total no of bags in the godown=3000+6040=9040.

Example 8:

There are two friends. one friend has 1050 rice bags and the other friend has 3050 wheat bags. Two friends contain how many bags?


No of rice bags=1050

No of wheat bags=3050

Two friends contain bags=1050+3050=4,100.

Example 9:

If two four-digit numbers are added the sum is 4000. One number is 1000. Find out the other number?


The sum of the two numbers = 4000.

one number=1000.

The Other number=4000-1000=3000.

Example 10:

In a village, there is a 5000 population.2030 are doing jobs and gone out of the village. How much population does the village have?


no of population=5000

no of people going out of the village=2030

Total no of the population in the village=5000-2030=2970.

Example 11:

In an election, the number of votes polled is 8000.200 people are not voted due to various reasons. How many people are there in the village?


The number of votes polled=8000.

People who are not voted=200

Total no of people in the village=8000+200=8200.

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