Division of Money

Division of Money | How to Divide Money by Money? | Word Problems on Money Division

Are you confused about the division of money? This web page will give you clear information about how to divide the money. You can also check out the solved examples for a better understanding of the concept. These examples of division of money will help students to solve similar problems on division of money by a number.

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How to Divide Money by Money?

In the division of money, we will understand how to divide the amounts of money by a number. We perform division with money the same way as in decimal numbers. We put the decimal points in the quotient after two places from the right. The process of division of money is performed as the ordinary division of a number.

Examples of Dividing Money

Consider some examples of dividing the money by a number.

Example 1:
Divide 248.50 paisa by 2.
Divide Rs 248.50 with 2 just like ordinary division.
division example problem1
Hence Rs 248.50 by 2=Rs 124.25

Example 2:
Divide 95Rs by 5
division example problem 2

Hence 95 rupees by 5=19 Rs.

Example 3:
Divide Rs 386.50 by 2.
division example problem 3
Hence the division of Rs386.50 by 2 is 193.

Example 4:
Divide Rs 48.59 by 3.

division example 4

Therefore, on dividing Rs 48.59 by 3 the quotient is 16.196 and the remainder is 2.

Example 5:
Divide Rs 37.48 by 6.
division example5
Therefore, on dividing 37.48 the quotient is 6.246 and the remainder is 4.

Example 6:
If a money Rs 655 is distributed equally among 5 people. How much money each one will get?
To know how much money each student will get we have to divide 655 by 5.

division example6

Hence, each one will get the money Rs131.

Example 7:
If a chocolate cost is Rs 5. Arjun has Rs 200, how many chocolates can Arjun buy?
We have to divide 200 by 5 to know how many chocolates Arjun can buy.
division example7
Hence, Arjun can buy 40 chocolates.

Example 8:
If Rs 420 is distributed among 3 people. How much money each one will get?
Since 420 is distributed among 3 people we have to divide 420 by 3.
division example8

Hence,140 Rs is distributed to 3 people.

Example 9:
Raghav buys 20 biscuit packets for Rs 420. Find the cost of each pen?
20 biscuit packets cost is 420
To find the cost of each biscuit packet divide 420 with 20 i.e. 420 ÷ 20.
division example9



Therefore, the cost of each biscuit packet is Rs 21.

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