Mental Math Addition

Mental Math Addition Strategies, Tricks | How to do Mental Math Addition?

Are you facing any difficulty in doing additions mentally? Then you have landed on the correct page where you will find plenty of strategies in the addition process. This article includes the tricks to do the additions mentally in the head very fast. These tricks save time in the competitive exams which are very helpful for the students. You can also check the solved examples of mental math addition for a better understanding of the concept.

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Mental Math Addition Tricks

Here we will discuss the tricks for doing the additions mentally. By practicing the tricks it will help in doing additions mentally very fast and accurately. Use these tricks to do addition and it will sharpen your skills in Mathematics.

Count from Large Number

When you are doing an addition of numbers count from the large number.
Add 7+3
Here 7 is the large number.
Start counting from the large number. i.e. 7+3=10. While calculating mentally we go to count four numbers ahead.

Adding Up to Ten

We can add any numbers in the addition process that makes the sum ten. The numbers in the addition process don’t have to be next to each other.
Add 6+2+4+5
You can add 6,4 and then add the other numbers. i.e. 6+4+5+2=17.

Add the Tens Last

While doing addition if you have big numbers break the numbers into units and tens. First, add the units and then add the sum to tens.

Add 46,4
Break the number 46 into tens and units  i.e. 40,6
First, add units of both numbers i.e. 6+4=10.
Add 10 to 40 i.e. 10+40=50.

Compensation Method

In the addition, you can round up the number (to make addition easier while calculating). After addition, you can remove the extra added number from the sum.
Add 48,12
Round up the number 48 to 50. Add 12 to 50. i.e. 50+12=62.
Now remove the extra added 2 from 62. i.e. 62-2=60.

Double when the numbers are the Same

If the two numbers(addends) are the same then double the numbers.
Add 6,6
Double the number i.e.6*2=12.

Double If the Numbers are Close then Fix

Add 6,8
Here 8 is closer to 6.
Double the six and then add 2.
i.e. 6*2=12

Set an Aim for Ten

When we are adding if a number is close to ten we can borrow from another number so it is closer to ten.
Add 8,3
8 is nearer to 10. Borrow 2 from 3 i.e. 8+2+1=11.

Special Tens Strategy

you can remember the pair of numbers sum becomes 10. i.e. 9and 1, 8and2, 7 and 3 etc.

Balancing Strategy

In this method, you can balance the numbers by borrowing one or more from another addend.
Add 48 and 52
Borrow 2 from 52 and add it to 48.
i.e. 48+2=50 and 52-2=50

Compatible Number Strategy

First, add the numbers that can be easily added and fastly.
Add 15,18
Add 15+15+3=33

Front-End Estimation

In this method, we add from left and then group the numbers in order to estimate.
Add 3583,2136
= 5719

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