Word Problems on Division by 2 Digit Number

Word Problems on Division by 2 Digit Number | 2-Digits Division Word Problems

Are you confused about word problems on division by  Two-Digit Numbers? You have landed on a correct page where you will have a lot of information on word problems on division by 2-digit numbers. You can check the solved examples of word problems on division by 2-digit numbers for a better understanding of the concept. Try to practice using this Division in Two-Digit Numbers and test your knowledge and improvise on the area accordingly.

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Word Problems on Division by 2 Digit Number

Here we will solve some of the word problems on division by 2-digit numbers. Apply the same method for solving the word problems on division by 2-digit numbers.

2-Digit Division Problems with Answers

Example 1:

32 chocolates are distributed among 16 children. How many chocolates did each child get?


No of chocolates distributed=32

No of Children=16

Total no of chocolates each child get=32÷16=2.

Therefore each child got 2 Chocolates.

Example 2:

The price of the three apples is 99. Find the cost of 2 apples?


The price of 3 apples=99

The cost of one apple=99÷3=33

Therefore, the cost of two apples=33*2=66.

Example 3:

One packet has 24 sweets. How many packets will contain 216 sweets? How many sweets are there in 3 packets?


No. of sweets in each packet=24.

No. of packets required for 216 sweets = 216÷24=9.

No of sweets in 3 packets =24*3=72.

Example 4:

A class of 90 students was taken on a tour. They were taken by buses, each bus would contain 30 students. Find the no of buses required?


No of students taken to a tour=90

No. of students in each bus=30

No. of buses required for 90 students=90÷30=3.

Therefore, 3 buses required for 90 students.

Example 5:

In a godown, Rajesh has  93 rice bags. If he decides to give 5 rice bags to each of his friends. How many friends will get the rice bags? How many will be left?


No of rice bags Rajesh has=93

No of rice bags Rajesh gave to each of his friends=5

No of Rajesh friends will get the rice bags=93÷5=18

No of rice bags given to his friends=18*5=90

Therefore, No of bags left=93-90=3.

Example 6:

The cost of 8 chocolates is 96. Find the cost of 3 chocolates?


The cost of 8 chocolates=96

The cost of 1 chocolates=96÷8=12

The cost of 3 chocolates=3*12=36.

Therefore, the cost of 3 chocolates=36.

Example 7:

There are 98 marbles. If there are 14 boxes, how many marbles can be kept in each box? Also, find the no of marbles that can be kept in 2 boxes?


No of marbles=98

No of boxes=14

No of marbles in each box=98÷14=7

No of marbles in 2 boxes=2*7=14.

Example 8:

There are 96 artificial flowers. If 12 flowers are to be arranged in one wase. Find the total no of vases required to arrange 96 flowers?


No of flowers=96

No of flowers required for one vase=12

No of vases required for arranging 96 flowers=96÷12=8

Therefore, we can arrange 96 flowers in 8 vases.

Example 9:

There are 98 students in the class. If 16 members can be seated in a row. Find the total no of rows required to arrange 98 students?


No of students in the class=98

No of students in a row=16

No of rows required=98÷16=6

Therefore 6 rows required for arranging 98 students.

Example 10:

Gita bought 90 pens and put 10 pens in one packet. How many packets required for 10 pens?


No of pens Gita has=90

No of pens in one packet=10

No of packets required for 90 pens=90÷10=9

Therefore 9 packets required for arranging 90 pens.

Example 11:

The price of 12 Biscuit packets is 84rs. Sita has only 60 rs. How many Biscuit packets Sita can buy? How much money did she have after buying Biscuits?


Price of 12 Biscuit packets=84

price of each Biscuit packets=84÷12=7

No of Biscuit packets Sita can buy=60÷7=8

Therefore Sita can buy 8 biscuit packets for 56rs.

Sita has left money=60-56=4rs.

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