Worksheet on Number 20

Printable Number 20 Worksheets | Download Worksheet on Number 20 | Learn How to Write, Count, Trace Number 20?

Have you been searching for the best source that is helpful to learn the numbers from 1 to 20? If yes, then read this complete page. Here, you will get detailed information about the Number 20 Tracing Worksheet that is useful for preschoolers to write the number. Kindergarten students should know the writing of numbers from 1 to 100 as early as possible. Hence download the Number Twenty Worksheet for free and let your child practice on it.

Worksheet on Number 20

This free worksheet is a perfect choice for the kids to learn the number 20. Enjoy learning numbers by using this Worksheet on Number 20. By practicing on the worksheet, kids can be able to identify, trace, and write the number 20. So, trace the number on the worksheet several times.

Worksheet on Number 20

Above provided Worksheet on Number Twenty makes the kid’s handwriting perfect. You can see the number 20, twenty, and 20 bananas representing the number. Get more interesting information about the number 20 here.

Interesting Facts about Number 20

  • The number 20 is a natural number between 19 and 21.
  • It is an even number.
  • It is a pronic number
  • The number twenty is the smallest primitive abundant number.
  • It can be written as the sum of three Fibonacci numbers uniquely.
  • It is a composite number.
  • 20 is the sum of the first four consecutive even numbers.

Trace and Write Number 20

Kids can practice this free number 20 worksheet to learn the numbers. Teachers and parents can take a printout of this worksheet and teach your kids how to trace the number 20 on this worksheet. It can be accessed by anyone from anywhere absolutely for free of cost. As it is provided for free we are advising everyone to download and assist the child to trace the number.

Why one should Learn the Number 20?

  • Kids can count the number of objects.
  • Calculate the bill at the store
  • Learn more arithmetical operations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Remember the phone numbers
  • Parents and teachers can check the student’s skills.

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