Constructing a Line Segment

Constructing a Line Segment – Methods, Steps, Examples | How to Draw a Line Segment using Ruler and Compass?

Constructing a Line Segment is not that tricky topic. Students can easily understand the concept by following 3 steps in constructing a line segment. In mathematics, the concepts like Lines, Line Segments, Shapes, Points, etc., are a part of geometry where students learn from 4th Grade Math which helps them in improving basics and also in higher education.

If kids are familiar with constructing a line segment then they can accurately construct any of their required shapes with given measurements. So, without any further ado let’s get into the following steps to construct a line segment and practice few examples for accurate results.

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Methods to Draw or Construct Line Segments

A line segment is the shortest path that joins two given points, but a line has indefinite length and has no endpoints. The points that join A and B can be written as line segment AB and denote as \(\overline{AB}\). To construct a line segment we have two different methods as follows:

  • Constructing a line segment by the ruler
  • Constructing a line segment by ruler and divider or compass

How to Draw Line Segment Using Ruler?

The simplest method to draw a line segment is by using the ruler. It has certain steps to follow while constructing or drawing a line segment.

Step 1: Draw a line segment on empty paper of any length. Make sure that the line should be a bigger line.

Line Segment

Step 2: Using a ruler or scale, we mark starting point at zero (0) and then move the sharp point of the pencil towards the endpoint of a given length. Now, we label the two points as A and B.

Line segment by ruler

Step 3: Join the two points. By joining points A and B, we get a required line segment AB of length.

Line segment of length

But, while following this procedure students might get confused and points at an incorrect distance of the endpoint at the time of constructing a line segment of length. We follow another method to get the correct distance and it is a very accurate method and easy for primary grade students while constructing and it is described below.

How to Draw(Construct) a Line Segment by Using Ruler and Compass?

Constructing a line segment using a ruler and compass gives exact length and it is an accurate approach for students to learn and construct different line segments with exact lengths. The following three steps involve how to construct a line segment by ruler and compass.

Step 1: Draw a line of any length on empty paper and place a ruler below the line drawn. Label one point as P on the line and another endpoint as Q after the arc drawn of length, we get as follows

Example for constructing a line segment

Step 2: By using a ruler, let us open the two arms of a compass. Place the one arm or pointer at the starting point zero of the ruler and widen the compass until the length you want to draw. After that then label that arc is drawn as Q, we get:

Example of line segment by compass


Step 3:  Now, lift the compass carefully from the ruler without moving the arms and place it on the line you drawn and mark both the ends with a pencil and label one point as P and another endpoint as Q. So, the required line segment PQ of length is as follows.

Example of line segment

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3 Steps in Constructing a Line Segment

Are you finding what are the steps in constructing a line segment? This section is completely on it here are the three steps in Constructing a Line Segment of length. Follow them carefully:

Step 1: First, we take a scale on a paper and then place the sharp point of a pencil at 0 cm on the scale and mention it as A.

Step 2: Next, we mark another point B that matches the given centimeter or millimeter on the scale (here 1 small division = 1mm).

Step 3: Finally, we join both points A and B by drawing a line segment with a pencil. The construction of line segment AB with the given length is finished.

Check out some of the examples on constructing a line segment concept and practice more for accurate results in examinations.

Constructing a Line Segment Examples

Example 1.
Construct a line segment of length 6 cm by a scale or ruler
When constructing a line segment we follow some steps which make it easy for students.
First, we need to draw an empty line of any length. Make sure that line should be bigger than the length we have.
Now, place the ruler at the line you draw and mark the starting point zero (0) with the pencil and name as S. Mark another endpoint at the length 6 cm and label it as T.
Next, join the two points. We will get the line segment ST of length 6 cm.
Example for line segment by ruler


Example 2.
Construct a line segment of length 4.5 cm by a ruler and divider.
The method to construct a line segment by a ruler and divider is the best approach and gives fast results. The steps we follow are:

  • Place the ruler on empty paper and take a divider and keep on starting point at zero (0) and widen the divider up to the length of 4.5 cm.
  • Now, lift both the arms of the divider carefully, and place them on empty paper, and mark both the arcs with a pencil.
  • Next, join both the points and name as A and B. We get a 4.5 cm length of line segment AB.

Line segment example

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