Comparing Different Line Segments

Comparing Different Line Segments – Observation, Tracing, Divider | Measuring & Comparing Line Segments with Examples

One of the most crucial parts of the Line concept is Line Segments. It connects with two definite points and has a fixed length. Confused about Comparing Different Line Segments? Here you will get the best solutions for your queries about comparing two or more line segments.

Different line segments are nothing but of different lengths of various line segments. There are various methods used for comparing and Measuring the Line Segment and find which line segment has more length. Without any delay, let’s dive into this article & get complete knowledge on which method is better to compare line segments and why. You can find comparing line segments examples explained step by step.

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Different Methods Used for Comparing Two Line Segments

The following methods are used to compare the line segments. On basis of their unique lengths of line segments, we compare. Let’s see which method is most useful for kids to learn quickly and accurately to compare the line segments.

  • Comparing line segments by observation
  • Comparing line segments by tracing
  • Comparing line segments using a divider

Comparing Line Segments by Observation

In this method, kids can guess easily by observing the length of the two Line Segments AB and CD. This is useful when the line segments are of shorter distances. Let’s enhance this comparison by observation method clearly by following the examples given below. So that students can understand accurately.

Line Segments by Observation

By seeing these two line segments students can easily say CD is bigger than AB. This approach is suitable till the lengths can be measured and have chances of error for inappropriate viewing when the lengths are almost similar. So, to compare the longer distances we need to look for a better method.

How to Compare Line Segments by Tracing?

In this, we have to trace the line segments every time by using tracing paper and have to place them on the other line segment. To use this method kids should be more accurate in tracing a line segment every time. Let’s have a look at the example for a deeper explanation, Take two line segments MN and PQ and trace the line MN and place it on PQ. So, we can easily say which line segment is bigger than the other.

Two Line Segments

These are the normal line segments we have taken. Now, we should trace the line segment MN and place it on the line segment PQ.

Line Segments by Tracing

So, MN < PQ.

This procedure completely depends on tracing. If we want to compare three line segments we have to trace two line segments and this is not an efficient way to compare the line segments. It consumes more time. Now, we should move for a better approach.

How to Compare Line Segments using a Divider?

To compare different line segments this procedure is a practical and efficient way. Let’s see the process of it:

  • The divider has two sharp edges and we keep these edges or arms at the start point of the ruler or a line segment and at the endpoint we require.
  • Suppose if we want to measure AB take the divider keep the arms at the line segment AB. We lift that divider carefully without moving and with the help of a ruler we measure the length between the arms of the divider.

Let us practice this process of comparison by Divider with few examples.

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Examples on How to Compare the Segments

Example 1:
Measuring a line segment using a ruler and divider.
Now, with the help of the divider first, we measure the line segment.

Line segment with divider

Next, we lift the divider and use a ruler to measure the length of a line segment.

Line segment by ruler and divider

Finally, the length of the line segment AB is 2.8 cm. This method is more efficient and gives accurate results to measure and compare the line segments two or more.

Example 2:
Compare the two line segments using a divider.
Now, take the two line segments PQ and ST. Firstly we measure the line segment PQ by a divider.

Comparing two line segments

Next, we lift the divider carefully and place it on the line segment ST. So, that easily can know which one is greater.

Comparing line segments

Here, clearly can see the divider falls before the endpoint T of the line segment ST. It says that the line segment PQ is smaller than the line segment ST. When comparing any line segments if the endpoint of the divider falls beyond the other endpoint T, then PQ is longer ST.

FAQs on Comparing Different Line Segments

1. What is the disadvantage in comparing line segments by mere observation?

The chances of errors due to improper viewing can be seen more by using the method of comparison by mere observation. With the help of mere observation, we can’t compare the slight difference of two or more line segments lengths. Hence, it is not suitable to compare line segments with a slight difference between their lengths.

2. Which method is better to compare line segments and why?

Comparing Line Segments using Divider is the most efficient method to compare two or more lengths of line segments as it has two sharp edges to measure the accurate length on the ruler and compare the lengths accurately by a divider.

3. How to compare the segments?

Comparing the segments is very easy by using the provided three methods. But the prominent way to compare line segments is by using a divider. Let’s check out the explanation and examples on Comparing Line Segments using Divider from this article.

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