Conversion of Fractions to Decimals Numbers

Conversion of Fractions to Decimals Numbers – Definition, Methods, Examples | How to Convert Fractions to Decimals?

Students, who are looking for learning the ways on how to convert from fractions to decimals can find them all here? Conversion of Fractions to Decimal Numbers means you wish to present the fractional numbers as exact decimals. Then, look no further as we have listed the easy way to convert fraction to decimal in a detailed way here.

Before going deep into the concept, you need to understand first the concept of decimal and fractions. Refer to the entire article to know about the procedure on how to convert a fraction to a decimal number along with solved examples. Practice these questions on converting fractions to decimal numbers and improve your math skills.

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Fraction – Definition

A fraction is a part of the whole number and is expressed as the ratio of two numbers. Let us consider two numbers a, b and therefore the fraction is the ratio of those two numbers i.e. a/b where b≠0. Here a is termed the numerator and b is the denominator. We can perform different arithmetic operations on decimal fractions almost like numbers.

There are different types of fractions namely Proper Fractions, Improper Fractions, Mixed Fractions, etc. A fraction is also known as a rational number.
Examples: 6/7, 12/7, 125/165.

Decimal – Definition

In algebra, decimals are defined as a number, whose whole number part and the fractional part are separated by a decimal point. The dot present in a decimal number is named a decimal point. For example, 14.5 is a decimal number. Here, 14 is the whole number part and 5 is the fractional part.

Examples: 3. 45, 5.67, 8.28, etc.

How to Convert Fraction to Decimal?

Converting fractions to decimals, we have different methods are mentioned here.
Method 1: One of the easy ways to convert fractions to decimals is to simply Divide the numerator by the denominator

  • Get the fraction or mixed fraction
  • Convert the mixed fraction into a fraction, then divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator
  • While dividing add a dot to the quotient, once you reach a point the remainder will be lesser than the divisor.

Example: Convert 1/5 into decimal form
Solution: Given the value is 1/5,
After Conversion, the decimal value is,
1/5 = 0.2

Method 2: Multiply both numerators, denominators by a similar number

  • Identify the fraction, we have to convert to the decimal number.
  • Multiply the denominator of the fraction by some number to induce the denominator because of the multiple of 10.
  • Find that number and multiply both the numerator and denominator by an equivalent number.
  • Then, you’ll get the denominator as the multiple of 10.
  • If the denominator of the given fraction is 10, 100, or 1000 respectively. We will make a dot after one place or two places or three places from the right side towards the left side.

Example: Convert 1/5 into the decimal form?
Solution: Given the fraction is 1/5
1/5 = (1 x 20)/(5x 20) = 20/100 = 0.2

Method 3: Using the Long Division Method.

  • Find the fractional number.
  • Divide the numerator of the fraction by denominator using the division method.
  • Then, you will get the decimal number as a quotient.

Example: Convert 1/4 into the decimal form?
Solution: The given fraction is 1/4
Divide 1/4 using the long division.

Converting Fractions To Decimals
Therefore, 1/4 is 0.25

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Converting Fractions to Decimals Examples

Example 1.
Convert 9/10 into a decimal?

Given the value is 9/10
Now, we have to convert fraction numbers into decimal numbers, divide 9 by 10, we get the decimal form.
Thus, 9/10 = 0.9
Thus, the decimal form of 9/10 is 0.9.

Example 2.
Convert the fraction number 7(1/2) into a decimal?

As given in the question, the mixed fraction value is 7(1/2)
Then, 7(1/2) = 17/2
Using the division method, the value is,
7(1/2) = 17/2 = 8.5.

Example 3. 
What is the decimal value of 12/5?

As given, the fraction value is 12/5
Now, we have to multiply both numerator and denominator by 2.
Then, the values are (12 x 2) / (5×2)
= 24/ 10
= 2.4
Therefore, the 12/5 in decimal is 2.4.

Example 4.
Convert the fraction 202/100 into decimals?

The given fraction is 201/100
The denominator is 100, add the point after two digits from the left side.
So, 201/00 = 2.01.

Example 5.
Find the decimal of 3/4 using the long division method?

Given the value is 3/4
Using the division method finds the decimal value.
The below shows how to perform the long division method,

Therefore, the decimal value of the given number is 0.75.

Example 6.
Let 34/100 is a fraction value. Write into decimal value.

Given the value,
Now, to convert the value 34/100 into a decimal value
We have to check for the number of zeros in the denominator.
Hence the denominator value is 100, there are 2 zeros present within the denominator.
Therefore, we have to shift the decimal point by 2 points within the numerator. Then the final result is 0.34

Example 7.
Convert 7/8 into decimals.

As given in the question, the value.
Already the given value is a fractional value. Here 7 has to be divide by 8.
As 7 is less than 8, it cannot be divided by 8.
So, we have to write the value as 7.00, it can be divided by 8.
70 can be divided by 8 for 8 times
It will write the quotient as 0.8, on further division, we will get the final result as 0.875

Example 8.
Convert 5/8 into decimals.

Given the value is 5/8,
The value is in fractional form. But 5 has to be divided by 8.
As 5 is less than 8, it cannot be divided by 8.
So, we will write the value as 5.000 which can be divided by 8. The given figure shows finding fraction value using the long division method

50 can be divided by 8 for 6 times.
Therefore we write the quotient as 0.6, on further division, we get the final result as 0.625

FAQ’s on Converting Fractions to Decimals Numbers

1. What is a Decimal?

A Decimal Number is a number that has a dot between the digits. In other words, we are able to say that decimals are nothing but fractions with denominators as 10 or multiples of 10.

2. How to Convert a Fraction to Decimal?

We can convert the Fraction to the Decimal of a given number to divide the numerator by the denominator value.

3. What are the methods for conversion of fractions to decimals?

There are 3 methods for converting fractions to decimals is.

  1. Divide the Numerator by Denominator
  2. Multiply both numerators, denominators by a similar number
  3. Using the Long Division Method.

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