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Worksheet on Time | Free Printable Telling Time Worksheets

In this article, you will learn time calculations. Every student can learn time very easily by practicing with the Worksheet on Time. A variety of problems are available for practicing purposes. All the important topics are covered in this time worksheet. Also, an explanation will help the students to learn the way of time calculation, and practicing the worksheet is very important to get good knowledge on the concept of Time.

Parents and teachers can download this worksheet with no pay and take a printout of this download time worksheet for students practicing regularly. The units of time are seconds. Time is the interval between the two events, so learn How to tell the time in analog clocks.

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Time Worksheets

Learning about time is very important because without time we can’t do anything. Time is very important in our standard life. The tool we used for measuring time is a clock. Basically, the unit we use to measure time is a day. A day has 24 hours. Each hour has 60 minutes, each minute consists of 60 seconds. The image of time in the analog clock is given below,

The above analog clock image consists of 3 hands, namely hour hand, minute hand, and seconds hand. The hour hand is short-hand and the minute hand is long-hand and the second’s hand is a very thin and large hand. Based on the given figure the time is 3 O’clock. For example, if the hour hand is at 2 and the minute hand is at 12 then we said that the time is 2 O’clock.

In between the numbers from 1 to 12 we have 5 numbers, so the value of the total numbers is  60, the second’s hand count those numbers.

Practicing Questions on Time Worksheet

Question 1:
The given figure consists of analog clock images and digital time images.  Students will observe the images clearly and measure the time then match the correct analog clock dot to the digital time dot through a line using a pencil.
Question 2:
The below images consists of the analog clock without numbers and numbers from 1 to 11. Students fill the numbers in the empty boxes on the given analog clock. Write the numbers in sequential order using a pencil.

Question 3:
Make a clock. The given figure consists of a different order of numbers from 1 to 12 and an analog clock without numbers. Students will cut out each number and glue that number in the correct place on the clock or write the numbers on the clock. 
Question 4:
Match the following. The figure consists of an analog clock and digital time, students draw a line in between the correct analog clock and digital time.
Question 5:
Match the Time. The given figure consists of analog clocks and digital time, students read the clock and match the time by drawing a line between analog clock and digital time using a pencil.

Question 6:
The given figure consists of different images of analog clocks. Students observe each analog clock clearly and then calculate the time write that time in each below given image boxes.

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