Two Objects Move in Same Direction | Examples of Objects that Move in Same direction

When Two Objects move in the same direction then their relative speed is calculated by the difference of their speeds. Get to know about the Time and Distance Formulas when two objects move in the same direction. Get to all about the concept objects that move in the same direction by going through the entire article. Learn, how to calculate the Speed when two objects travel in the same direction by checking the solved examples provided.

How to Calculate Speed Time and Distance when Two Objects Move in the Same Direction?

Let us assume two bodies or objects are moving in the same direction having different speeds.

Suppose the Speed of 1st Object is x km/hr

Speed of 2nd Object is y km/hr

Thus, the Relative Speed = (x – y) km/hr[if x>y]

Time taken by two objects to meet = Distance Traveled/Relative Speed

= d km/(x-y) km/hr

We know that Relative Speed is the Speed of the object with respect to one another

Consider the taken after both the bodies meet = t hrs

Distance covered in t hrs = Time * Relative Speed

= (x-y)km/hr *t hrs

For better understanding refer to the solved problems explaining how to calculate when two objects move in the same direction.

Solved Problems on Two Objects Moving in the Same Direction

1. Two athletes are running from the same place at the speed of 8 km/hr and 6 km/hr. find the distance between them after 20 minutes if they move in the same direction?


Speed of Athlet A = 8 km/hr

Speed of Athlet B = 6 km/hr

Time = 20 mins = 1/3 hr

Relative Speed = (8-6) km/hr = 2 km/hr

Distance traveled by them = Relative Speed of Athlets/Time Taken

= 2 km/hr/(1/3) hr

= 6 km

Distance between after they travel for 20 mins is 6 Km.

2. Two vehicles are traveling from the same location at the speed of 10 km/hr and 7 km/hr respectively. Calculate the distance between the vehicles after 15 minutes given that both vehicles are traveling in the same direction?


Speed of first Vehicle = 10 km/hr

Speed of second Vehicle = 7 km/hr

Relative Speed = (10-7) km/hr

= 3 km/hr

Time = 15 minutes = 15/60 = 1/4 hr

Distance between both the vehicles = Relative Speed * Time

= 3km/hr *1/4 hr

= 3/4 km

= 0.75 km

Therefore, the distance between both the vehicles is 0.75 km

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