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Number the Pictures | Numbers with Pictures for Counting | Preschooler Numbers Gaming Activities

Students are not interested to learn numbers but without mathematics knowledge, we can’t do anything because our day-to-day life mostly depends on mathematics. Using this article, students can learn numbers easily and improve the mathematics skills. Number the pictures will help you to develop sequential thinking. Kids should learn the numbers from 1 to 100 at the preschooler or kindergarten stage so that they can perform fast basic mathematical calculations, identify the numbers and count the objects or things without taking anyone’s help.

On this page, you will learn the numbers of the pictures, some practice questions on numbering the pictures, example images. Parents and teachers can download this page free of cost and take a printout of this page for practicing purposes and improve their numbers writing skills.

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Number the Pictures | How to write the Numbers for Pictures?

Students need to improve the thinking knowledge. Number the pictures will help to increase the thinking and understanding of the images one by one. Parents and teachers will encourage the students then kids will show interest in learning. The below-given figure is an example of the number the pictures, figure consists of four images each image represented with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. The figure is about how to grow a plant in step-wise numbers will be indicated.
The process of growing a plant is first we need to fill your pot with soil, next sprinkle some seeds in the soil and place a little more soil on top of seeds and then some water to your plant. Based on process numbers will be indicated in the picture. This is known as the numbering of the pictures.

Practice Questions with Images of Numbers 1-10 with Objects

Question 1:

The below-given figure consists of different kinds of images of growing a flower. Identify the sequence order of the images and write numbers in the order form of images and cut out the images and put them in the correct sequences.
Question 2:

The Given figure consists of different colored trees. Write the sequence order of numbers in the below box of each tree. Initially analyze all the images after writing the numbers using a pencil.Question 3:

Students put these pictures in the right order, write the numbers in the small boxes. Analyze the images and create a story then you will write the numbers.

Question 4:

The below figure consists of four different kinds of images. Observe the images and analyze them to create a story then we get the idea of the image sequence. Write the numbers in the correct order.

Question 5:

The below figure consists of four different images. Put these pictures in the correct order to male a story. In the given box write the numbers in story order.

Question 6:

The given grow a plant picture consists of various images but there is no order. Kids identify the order of images and write the numbers on that images in the correct order. Use the Pencil for writing the numbers.

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