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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Activities for Kindergarten | Names of Days of the Week

Everyone should know about this topic Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. This concept relates to everyone’s life in every situation. Children at small age weren’t able to understand these days because they won’t sense time and for kids up to 5 years old, hours is a very long time. Every child needs to know about the time passing and how these days come and how we run our lives based on Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Here, in this article, parents can make their kids understand the Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow at their small ages easily.

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How to Teach Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Meaning?

In kindergarten, the students can not recall their past events that took place like yesterday and months ago. Children mostly talk about the things that happen in the classrooms like YESTERDAY, TODAY, and TOMORROW. We make exercise these words by students what we did yesterday in the class, and what we will do today in the class, and end of the day teachers say will discuss or talk about the topic in the tomorrow class.

By using these words continuously, kindergartens start to understand about time and importance of these words, and parents should also include these words in their family talks so that children listen more times not only in school but at home too. Teachers should focus on building a sense of time and working with daily activity calendars make the kids learn quickly and it gives practice to them and we can make learning them through songs and rhymes.

In preschool, learning about the calendar is a part of a math lesson. Most children after learning about these days and the passing of time they understand the past, present, and future but some of them neglect these words. These words are needed to know by them and also know about the calendars. Even parents want to involve the words in their daily conversations too for learning the relation between Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Sentences on Yesterday Today Tomorrow for Kids

However, to recognize this, they have to get an idea about the days of the week. Thus, the relation between yesterday, today, and tomorrow also say as the day before today is yesterday and the day after today is tomorrow. Let’s have look at some sentences of how we talk.

  • Yesterday (name the day of the week) was….
  • Today (name the day of the week) is…..
  • Tomorrow (name the day of the week) will be…..
  • We expect every kid to know the full date of today: For example, Today is Sunday, May 23, 2021.

To be familiar with the days of the week, the child should look at the calendar of any month, and ask him/her to say the first day of the month. It is essential that your kid listen about the use of the calendar such as next Friday, today, last Wednesday, etc., and maintain to encourage the child about the calendar and the language of the calendar which helps them mostly in the words Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

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Here, we have some examples which help them in grasping more about the words and significance of the Yesterday Today Tomorrow.

Examples on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow for Kindergarten

Example 1:
What is the series of the days of the week?
The series of the days of the week are as follows

Days of the Week:

Example 2:
How to represent any day like today?
We say any present-day like today. The following phrases are how we call the days of the week like today.

On Sunday we express it as ‘today is Sunday’.
On Monday we express it as ‘today is Monday’.
On Tuesday we express it as ‘today is Tuesday’.
On Wednesday we express it as ‘today is Wednesday’.
On Thursday we express it as ‘today is Thursday’.
On Friday we express it as ‘today is Friday’.
On Saturday we express it as ‘today is Saturday’.

Example 3:
How to say any day like Yesterday and Tomorrow?
The following phrases give us an idea to call the days with Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Day of the Week Yesterday Tomorrow
Sunday We say “yesterday is Saturday” We say “tomorrow is Monday”
Monday We say “yesterday is Sunday” We say “tomorrow is Tuesday”
Tuesday We say “yesterday is Monday” We say “tomorrow is Wednesday”
Wednesday We say “yesterday is Tuesday” We say “tomorrow is Thursday”
Thursday We say “yesterday is Wednesday” We say “tomorrow is Friday”
Friday We say “yesterday is Thursday” We say “tomorrow is Saturday”
Saturday We say “yesterday is Friday” We say “tomorrow is Sunday”

Example 4:
Complete the following sentences.
(i) __________ comes before Friday.
(ii) __________ comes before Monday.
(iii) Sunday comes after __________.
(iv) Wednesday comes after __________.
(v) __________ comes after Thursday.
(i) Thursday comes before Friday.
(ii) Sunday comes before Monday.
(iii) Sunday comes after Saturday.
(iv) Wednesday comes after Tuesday.
(v) Friday comes after Thursday.

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