Worksheet on Ten

Worksheet on Ten | How to Write Number 10?| Preschool Counting, Tracing Number 10 Activity Worksheets

In this article, we have a free tracing number ten worksheet. Students can know tracing and counting, writing the number ten from this worksheet. Take a printout of this number ten for students to practice it. Parents and students can download this number ten worksheet free of cost and start practicing. Not only number ten worksheets we can get more number worksheets available in this section.

On this page, we learn how to write number ten in words and number ten in numeric form, the benefits of learning number ten, and the advantages of learning numbers, some more number worksheets.

Worksheet on Number Ten | How to write Number Ten?

Preschooler kids have to learn the numbers. So, parents and teachers use this number ten worksheet free and trace the number carefully to learn the number ten. The fastest and quickest way of teaching numbers to kids and students is to tell them to write the number 1 first and then write zero after one. This preschool Number Ten worksheet helps the children to identify the number 10.

The above figure consists of ten keys represented and at the corner number 10 is represented, in this figure number ten is represented in both numeric ways and words. The number ten is practiced on the given line spacing then the student’s writing will be neat and enhance writing skills. Students have to trace the number at the number 10 worksheet multiple times to know how to write the number perfectly.

Multiples of Ten number always end with zero, so kids will easily and quickly learn the ten multiple tables.

Trace and Learn of Number Ten | How to Write Number 10 in Words?

The below figure shows how to write the number ten in words using the dotted line method. There are several ways to teach numbers to students. But worksheets will only help your kid to recognize and write the number in less amount of time. This Worksheet on Number ten will helps to improve your child’s handwriting by suggesting them to write the number in between the specified lines. Practice Number ten Worksheet and encourage kids to learn the number on their own.

Interesting Facts about Number Ten

The interesting facts about number ten are given as below,

  • The number 10 is an even number divisible by 2.
  • Numbers divisible by 10 ends with the number zero.
  • A decade has ten years.
  • You have 10 fingers on your hands, and ten toes on your feet.
  • A ten-sided polygon is called a decagon.
  • Five is doubled we can get a number 10.

Advantages of Learning the Number 10

The advantages of number ten learning are listed below,

  • Teachers and parents can acknowledge the students learning skills by considering the amount of time they spent on learning a number.
  • It is useful to learn the arithmetical operations such as addition, subtraction, and etc
  • Students can do calculations at a store and also write the telephone number on their own.
  • Count the objects available in a group.
  • Fast mathematical operations

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