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Maths Worksheet on Profit and Loss | Free Printable Profit and Loss Worksheets with Solutions

Download Free Printable Worksheets on Profit and Loss and practice the different models of questions asked on the topic of profit and loss. Answer the Profit and Loss Percentage Questions available and test your understanding of the concept. Word Problems on Profit and Loss provided here have questions on finding gain, loss percent, profit, profit percent, etc. Ace your preparation using the exclusive profit and loss worksheets and understand the concept in a better way and score better grades in exams.

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Worksheets Based on Profit and Loss

Example 1.
If the cost price of biscuit packet is Rs 35 and selling price is Rs 50. Find the profit?


The cost price of biscuit packet=Rs 35
The selling price of biscuit packet= Rs 50
As selling price is greater than cost price, profit is gained.
Profit=selling price-cost price
Therefore, the profit is Rs 15.

Example 2.
Anil bought an old grinder for Rs 3780. He spent Rs 258 for repairs. Then he sold it for Rs 4680. Find the profit he gained?


Anil bought an old grinder=Rs 3780
Money spent for repairs=Rs 258
Total money spent by anil for grinder=3780+258=4038
Anil sold the old grinder=Rs 4680
Since the selling price is greater than the cost price, there is profit.
Profit=selling price-cost price
Hence, Anil gained a profit of Rs 642.

Example 3.
Find the selling price if the cost price is Rs 3545 and the loss percent is 20?


Cost price=Rs 3545
Loss percent=20
Selling price=\(\frac {100-loss }{ 100 } \) × c.p
=\(\frac {100-20 }{ 100 } \) × 3545
=\(\frac {80}{ 100 } \) × 3545
=\(\frac {4 }{ 5} \)× 3545
=709 × 4
Hence, the selling price is Rs 2836.

Example 4.
Jaya sold her diwan for 5000 at a profit of 1000. Find the cost price of diwan and profit percentage?


The selling price of diwan=5000
cost price=selling price-profit
Therefore, the cost price of diwan is 4000.
profit percentage=profit/cost price × 100
=1200/4000 × 100
Hence, the profit percentage is 30%.

Example 5.
If the cost of 6 sarees is equal to the selling price of 3 sarees. Find the profit percent?


Let the cost price of sarees be x.
Then CP of 6 sarees = 6x
CP of 3 sarees = 3x
Given: SP of 3 sarees = 6x
Using the profit formulas,
profit= SP- CP
profit = 6x – 3x = 3x
Profit % = (profit /CP) × 100
= (3x/3x)× 100 = 100%
Hence, the profit is 100 %.

Example 6.
On selling a toy car for Rs 560, Ram lost 5 percent. Find out how much did he purchase it for?


Loss percent=5%
s.p=Rs 560
Let us take the cost price as 100.
If the loss percent is 5% then the loss is Rs 5.
S.p when the cost price is 100=c.p-loss=100-5=95.
c.p when s.p is Rs 95=Rs 100
c.p when s.p is Rs 560 is 100/95 × 560=589.473.
Hence, the cost price is 589.473.

Example 7.
Jaya Ram bought bananas for Rs 60 a dozen. He sold them for Rs7 each. What is the profit percent gained by Jaya Ram?


Jaya Ram bought bananas a dozen=Rs 60
He sold each banana for rs=7
The selling price of bananas a dozen=Rs 84
Profit gained by Jaya ram=84-60=24
Profit percent gained by Jaya Ram=24/60 × 100
=2/5 × 100
Hence, Jaya Ram gained 40 % profit.

Example 8.
Suresh bought a TV for Rs 5752. He spent money Rs 325 on repairs. Find how much money he should sell to gain a profit of Rs 1000?


Suresh bought a tv=Rs 5752
Money spent on tv for repairs=Rs 325
Total money spent on TV=5752+325=6077
The cost price of the TV will become 6077.
To gain a profit of Rs 1000 he should sell= cost price+profit
Hence, Suresh should sell the tv at Rs 7077 to gain a profit of Rs 1000.

Example 9.
Naresh bought toys for Rs 2000. If one-fifth of toys are sold at a profit of 5% and the remaining four-fifth of the toys at a profit of 10%. Find the net profit?


The cost price of one-fifth of toys =1/5 × 2000
The selling price of one-fifth of toys at 5% profit is
=(100+5)% × 400
=105% × 400
The cost price of the remaining four-fifth of toys is
=4/5 × 2000
The selling price of the remaining four-fifth of toys at 10% profit is
=(100+10)% × 1600
=110% × 1600
The selling price of total toys=420+1760
Net profit=selling price of the total toys-cost price of total toys
Hence, the profit is Rs180.

Example 10.
A trader bought a dress for rs 2000. If he marks the dress 20% above the cost price and gives a discount of 10%. Find the profit percentage?


The cost price of the dress=2000
A trader marks 20% above cost price=(100+20)% ×2000
=120% × 2000
=120 × 20
selling price=(100-10)% × m.p
Hence, the profit is Rs 160.


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