Worksheet on Problems Involving Percentage

Worksheet on Problems Involving Percentage | Percentage Word Problems Worksheet with Answers PDF

On this page, the Worksheet on Percentage Word Problems will focus on finding, working out percentages. You can find different models of questions asked on percentages such as finding the percentage of a number, changing decimals to and from percentages, finding how much percent of a number is another number, etc.

All you need to do is Solve the Worksheet on Problems Involving Percentage PDF available here on a regular basis to make the most out of it. Ace up your preparation taking the help of this quick guide on Percentage Worksheet with Solutions and resolve your queries.

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Percentage Word Problems with Answers

Example 1.
In a class of 30 students, 5 students are failed. What percentage of students are passed the examination?


No. of students in the class=30
No. of students failed in the examination=5
No. of students who passed in the exam=30-5=25
Percentage of students who passed in the examination=25/30
Hence, 83% of students passed the examination.

Example 2.
In a survey of 100 people, 8 persons didn’t know how to ride a bike. What percentage could ride?


No. of people participated in the survey=100
No. of people didn’t know riding a bike=8
No. of people could ride a bike=100-8=92
Percentage of people who could ride a bike=92/100=0.92=92%.
Hence, 92% of people could ride a book.

Example 3.
A man spends 70% of his monthly salary. If he saves 15000 every month. Find his monthly salary?


Let his income be Rs x.
Expenditure=70% of x.
Savings=30% of x=15000
x=15000 × 100/30
Hence, his monthly salary is 50,000.

Example 4.
In a class of 50 students, 30% are boys. How many more boys should be admitted to the class so that girls now become 50% of the class?


At first, no. of boys=50×30/100
No. of girls=50-15=35
Let the number of boys admitted in the class be X.
Now total no. of students in the class=50+x
50% of (50+x)=35
50+x=35 × 100/50
Hence, 20 more boys should be admitted so that girls become 50% of the class.

Example 5.
In a sports survey, students choose their favorite sport out of basketball, cricket, and Tennis. 1/5 choose basketball, 1/3 choose cricket.3 persons choose Tennis. Find how many people are there in the group?


Let the people participated in the survey=X
Percentage of people who choose basketball=x/5
percentage of people who choose cricket=x/3
persons choose Tennis=3
3x+5x+45=15 x
The number of people who participated in the survey is 15.

Example 6.
A player won 75% of matches. In his total career, he lost 50 matches. How many matches did he play overall?


Let no. of matches he played=x.
No. of matches he won=75%
No. of matches he lost=100-75%=25%
Given that he lost 50 matches.
25% of x=50
x=50 ×100/25
Therefore, He played 200 matches overall.

Example 7.
Ajay’s scored 70 marks in the examination. His friend got a 20% less score. Find how many marks were scored by his friend?


Ajay scored marks in the examination=70
His friend got less score=20%
Marks scored by his friend=70 × 20/100
= 14
Therefore, Marks scored by his friend=56.

Example 8.
For a candidate to clear the examination, he must score 50% marks. If Anil gets 80 marks and fails by 40 marks. Find out the total marks for the examination?


Given, Marks obtained by Anil is 80 and failed by 40 marks.
Pass marks=80+40=120
Let the total marks be X.
50/100 × x=120
x=120 ×100/50
Therefore, the total marks for the examination are 240.

Example 9.
60% of a number is more than 40% of 1200 by 180. Find the number?


x=660 ×5/3=1100
Therefore, the number is 1100.

Example 10.
30 is subtracted from 50% of a number, the result is 80. Find the number?


Let the number from which 50% get subtracted is x.
x=110 ×2/1=220
Hence, if 30 is subtracted from 50% of 220 the result obtained is 80.

Example 11.
Divya took a test and got 30 correct and 10 incorrect answers. Find the percentage of correct answers?


No. of correct answers=30
No. of incorrect answers=10
Total answers=30+10=40
Percentage of correct answers=30/40 × 100=75%
Therefore, Divya got 75% correct answers.

Example 12.
There are 150 employees in the office. On Saturday, 100 were present. Find the percentage of employees who were not attending the office?


Total no. of employees in the office=150
No. of employees present on saturday=100
No. of employees not attending on saturday=150-100=50
The percentage of employees who were not attending the office=50/150 × 100
Hence, 33.3% of employees were not attending the office.

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