Worksheet on Months and Days

Worksheet on Months and Days | Worksheets on Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Are you worried to teach your students about months and days in the primary grades? If yes, you are on the exact page. This page gives you plenty of examples as a worksheet for the students to practice in different ways. These months and days worksheet helps the kids to learn and understand more about the topic on months and days at their young ages.

For preschool and primary kids, this Months and Days activity sheet is flawless and encourages them to learn more and memorize easily. As we knew that seven days makes one week and 4 weeks 2 days or 4 weeks 3 days makes one month, and twelve months makes one year. Here, this free printable worksheet on months and days involves many examples in different ways for students to benefit from quick learning.

Tracing Sheets on Months and Days

The following tracing worksheets on months and days will help the primary students know the spellings and pronunciation of the months and days. Also, students can grasp them easily into their minds.

tracing sheet for months


practice sheet on days of the week

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Days of the Week and Months of the Year Worksheets PDF

1. How many months and days are there in one year?


There are twelve months in one year and we have 365days in normal year and 366days in a leap year. A leap year comes every four years. The following table shows the detailed list of twelve months and their short forms.

Name of the Month Short Form of the Month
January Jan
February Feb
March Mar
April Apr
May May
June Jun
July Jul
August Aug
September Sep
October Oct
November Nov
December Dec

2. How many days in a week and their names?


Seven days make one week and their names are:


3. How many days are there in each month?


Every month has 30 days or 31 days but one month has 28days or 29days. By the following list will check which month has how many days specifically.

Name of the Month No.of Days in a Month
January 31 days
February 28 days or 29 days
March 31 days
 April 30 days
May 31 days
June 30 days
July 31 days
August 31 days
September 30 days
October 31 days
November 30 days
December 31 days

4. Write the name of the month that comes before and after?
(i) ____________ February ____________
(ii) ____________ May ____________
(iii) ____________ December ____________
(iv) ____________ March ____________
(v) ____________ October ____________
(vi) ____________ January ____________
(vii) ____________ June ____________
(viii) ____________ April ____________
(ix) ____________ August ____________
(x) ____________ November ____________
(xi) ____________ July ____________
(xii) ____________ September ____________


(i) January, March
(ii) April, June
(iii) November, January
(iv) February, April
(v) September, November
(vi) December, February
(vii) May, July
(viii) March, May
(ix) July, September
(x) October, December
(xi) June, August
(xii) August, October

5. Find the solutions for the following questions
(i) How many months have 30 days and their month names?
(ii) How many months have 31 days and their month names?
(iii) Which month has the least number of days?


(i) Four months have 30 days and their names are April, June, September, November.
(ii) Seven months have 31days and their names are January, March, May, July, August, October, December.
(iii) February month has the least number of days. Every year it has 28days but in a leap year, it has 29days which comes for every four years.

6. Unscramble the given months
(i) uyjnara
(ii) ejun
(iii) ilrpa
(iv) ryfbearu
(v) yma
(vi) charm
(vii) tcobore
(viii) cedmeber
(ix) gtsuua
(x) tmespereb
(xi) ylju
(xii) vonmeebr


(i) January
(ii) June
(iii) April
(iv) February
(v) May
(vi) March
(viii) December
(ix) August
(x) September
(xi) July
(xii) November

7. Fill the below empty boxes with the correct month by the followed given months.

Last Month  This Month  Next Month
July August September
Last Month  This Month  Next Month
July August September
March April May
December January February
September October November
June July August
April May June
November December January

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