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Maths Worksheet on Average | Free Printable Finding Average Worksheets with Solutions

On this page, you will find Math Worksheets based on Average Calculations. We have covered the Various Questions on Average right from the basic ones to the most challenging ones. Our Comprehensive Collection of Finding Average Worksheets include finding the average for a given set of data, finding the missing value using a given average, calculation of new average upon modification of existing average, etc. Overcome all your shortcomings in the concept by practicing the Average Problems regularly from the Printable Average Calculation Worksheets PDF.

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Example 1.
Find the average of the following
1. 21,25,28,29,31
2. 12,15,18,21,23
3. 30,32,34,36,38


1. Average of 21,25,28,29,31 is 21+25+28+29+31/5
Hence the average is 26.8.
2. Average of 12,15,18,21,23 is 12+15+18+21+23 /5
Hence the average is 17.8.
3. Average of 30,32,34,36,38 is 30+32+34+36+38/5
Hence the average is 34.

Example 2.
The average weight of the family of 5 members is 62. If the weight of four family members is 78,70,55,60. Find the weight of the fifth family member?


The weight of four family members is= 78,70,55,60
The average weight of 5 family members =62
Let the fifth family member’s weight be x.
263+x=62 × 5
Hence, the weight of the fifth family member is 47.

Example 3.
Find the average of the first 10 even numbers?


The first ten even numbers are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20.
Hence the average of the first ten even numbers is 11.

Example 4.
The following are the marks scored by the three friends Ram, Rajesh, Rakesh.
average example 1

1. Find the average marks of the three friends.
2. Find who’s average is higher.
3. Find who’s average is lower.


1. Ram average=80+98+85/3
Rajesh average=85+95+78/3
Rakesh average=78+96+83/3
2. Ram’s average is higher.
3. Rakesh’s average is lower.

Example 5.
Jay’s average score on the first three tests is 75. On the next four Tests, his average score was 80. Find the average score of Jay on all seven tests?


Jay’s average score on the first three tests=75
Jay’s average score on the next four tests=80
The average score of Jay on all the seven tests=75+75+75+80+80+80+80/7
=3 × 75+4 × 80/7
Therefore, the average score of Jay on seven tests is 77.85.

Example 6.
Find the average, sum of terms, no. of terms
1. Find the average if no. of items is 30 and the total is 120?
2. Find the no. of terms if the total is 200 and the average is 50?
3. Find the average if no. of items is 20 and the total is 200?


1. no. of items=30, total=120
2. total=200, average=50
no. of terms=total/average
3. no, of items=20, total=200

Example 7.
Anil goes from home to office with an average speed of 40 km/hr. He returns from office to home on the same road with an average speed of 20 km/hr. Find the Average speed of Anil?


In both ways, Anil covers the same distance.
average speed=2xy/x+y
x=rate at which Anil goes from home to office
y=rate at which Anil goes from office to home
x=40 km/hr, y=20 km/hr
Average speed=2(40)(20)/40+20

Example 8.
The total sales of a fruit shop for a week is 9800. Find the average sale per day?


The total sales of a fruit shop for a week is= 9800
Average sale=9800/7=1400
Therefore, the average sale per day is 1400.

Example 9.
Lasya takes 2 hours to travel from home to temple at the rate of 50 miles/hour. She takes 1 hour to travel from the temple to her friend’s home with thirty percent increased speed. Find the average speed from place A to c?


Speed from home to temple=50 miles/hour
Speed from temple to friends home=50 × 30/100
=65 miles/hour (30%  increased speed means 50+15=65)
Average speed=total distance/total time
Distance from home to temple=50 × 2=100 miles
Distance from temple to friend’s home=65 ×1=65 miles
Total distance from home to friend’s home=100+65=165 miles
Total time is taken from A to B is= 2+1=3 hours
Average speed=total distance/total time
=165/3=55 miles/hour
Hence, the average speed is 55 miles/hour.

Example 10.
Vinay sold the juices and collected the money of Rs 14000 in a week. Find how much money he collected in a day?


Vinay collected money in a week=14000
Money collected in a day=14000/7=2000.
Therefore, Money collected by Vinay in a day is Rs 2000.


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