Word Problems on Average

Word Problems on Average | Printable Average Word Problems with Answers

In our day-to-day lives, we come across many situations where we need to find averages. This article is all about finding averages of various types such as Weighted Average, Calculating Arithmetic Mean, Average Speed, etc. Check out the Formulas for finding the average in the Problems provided below and have a clear idea. Continue reading the page and find various questions on Word Problems Involving Averages with Solutions. Download the Average Word Problems Worksheet over here and begin your preparation right away and enhance your conceptual knowledge.

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Word Problems on Averages with Solutions

Example 1.
A student scores 90,80,75,85,70 in five subjects. Find the average marks scored by a student on these five subjects?
Marks scored by a student=90,80,75,85,70
The average marks scored by a student=90+80+75+85+70/5
Hence, the average mark scored by a student in these five subjects is 80.

Example 2.
The average marks of Suresh and Naresh are 70. If Suresh’s score is 80 what is the Naresh score?
The average marks of Suresh and Naresh=70
Suresh score=80
Let Naresh score=x
Hence Naresh’s score is 60.

Example 3.
Surendra is preparing for the examination. The no. of hours he studied the week for the past 5 days is 5,6,9,8,7. How much time did he spend studying on average?
The no. of hours he studied the week=5,6,9,8,7
The time he spent studying on an average=5+6+9+8+7/5
The time Surendra spent studying on an average is 7 hours.

Example 4.
The average age of brother and sister is 40. What is the brother’s age if the sister’s age is 50?
The average age of brother and sister =40
Sisters age=50
Hence, the Brother’s age is 30 years.

Example 5.
The average of three numbers is 10. When one number is removed from the list, the average is 8. What is the number that was removed from the list?
Let the three numbers be x,y,z.
x+y+z=30 —->(eq 1)
Also given
x+y=16 —->( eq 2)
(eq 1)- (eq 2)
Hence, the number removed from the list is 14.

Example 6.
Sarath collected the money of Rs. 5600  for the Drought Relief Fund in 7 days. On average, how much money did he collected each day?
Sarath collected the money in 7 days=Rs 5600
On average, money collected by Sarath on each day=5600/7=Rs 800
Hene, money collected by Sarath each day is Rs 800.

Example 7.
Radha decided to do walking and yoga for better health. She spent 60 hours doing yoga and walking in 30 days. On average, how much money did she spend in doing yoga and walking every day?
No. of hours Radha spent on doing yoga and walking=60 days
No. of hours Radha spent on doing yoga and walking in 30 days =60/30=2 hours
Therefore. Radha spent 2 hours doing yoga and walking.

Example 8.
The average of 5 numbers is 9 . What is the sixth number so that the average becomes 12?
The average of 5 numbers = 9
Sum of 5 numbers/5=9
Sum of 5 numbers=45
Given if the 6thnumber is included, the average becomes 12.
Sum of 5 numbers+6th number/6=12
(45+6th number)/6=12
45+6th number=72
6th number=72-45
6th number=27
Hence, the sixth number is 27.

Example 9.
Anant’s average score in the last 5 tests is 60. What should be his score in the next test, So that his average score will be 65?
Anant’s average score in 5 tests=60
The sum of scores in 5 tests/5=60
The sum of scores in 5 tests=60×5
The sum of scores in 5 tests=300
Let “x” be the average of his next test.
The average score of 6 tests is 65
(sum of scores in 5 tests+6 test)/6=65
Hence, Anant’s score in the next test should be 90.

Example 10.
The average of two numbers is 8. one of the numbers is seven times as big as the other number. Find the two numbers?
Let x, y be the two numbers.
Therefore,2,14 are two numbers.

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