Uses of Roman Numerals

Uses of Roman Numerals | How and When to Use Roman Numerals? | Why are Roman Numbers Important?

Roman Numerals are the collection of Roman symbols that are used by the ancient Romans in the number system. Roman numerals are used for ranking as I, II, III, IV, and so on. These Roman Numerals are used to write classroom numbers. Also, it is used for writing the numbers on the clock. Know about various applications of Roman Numerals and why they are important, etc. in the further modules.

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Roman Numerals – Definition

Roman Numerals is the mathematical notation that does not follow the place value system. These Roman Numerals are used instead of Natural Numbers. C, D, I, L, M, V, X are the Roman Symbols that are used to express Roman Numerals. For better understanding, we have given the Roman Numerals Chart below.

Roman Symbol and its Equivalent Number

Uses of Roman Numerals in Everyday Life

  • The uses of Roman Numerals include year numbers on monuments and buildings, copyright dates on the title screens of movies and TV programs.
  • We also use Roman Numerals in writing the year numbers instead of Arabic Numbers.
  • Appendices or introduction of numbers is numbered with Roman Numerals.
  • The Roman Numerals are used to write the numbers in watches, clocks, etc.
  • Roman Numerals are used for writing classroom numbers like I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X.
  • Sequels of books are numbered with Roman Numerals.

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FAQs on Uses of Roman Numerals

1. Why are roman numerals important?

Thinking about numbers in different ways can also help them form connections or see patterns. Writing a number as a Roman numeral is another way to represent the numbers.

2. Where do we see Roman Numerals in our day to day life?

We can find Roman Numerals on Clocks, Watches, Books, Classroom numbers, etc.

3. When to Use Roman Numerals Instead of Numbers?

We use Roman Numerals instead of numbers in the introduction part or chapter numbers in books.

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