Subtraction without Regrouping

Subtraction without Regrouping | How to Subtract without Regrouping or Borrowing?

Subtraction is the basic arithmetic operation in maths. Subtraction means removing the required number from the minuend or bottom number. Subtraction without regrouping is a process where you borrowing is not required from the other place value to subtract the numbers in the bottom line. Know the steps to subtract the number without regrouping from this page. Go through the below-given problems with a brief explanation and understand the concept in depth.

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What is Subtraction without Regrouping?

Subtraction without Regrouping is a process of removing the number from the minuend without borrowing any value from the other place value. If the subtrahend value is greater than minuend then it is not necessary to carry the number from other place values.

Subtract the numbers 2468 and 431.

How to Subtract Numbers without Regrouping? | Subtraction without Borrowing Procedure

There are some rules to subtract the numbers without regrouping or borrowing from one place value to another place value. Read the below-mentioned steps and practice the problems by following them.

1. First, Enter the whole numbers or decimal numbers to find the difference.
2. Stack your numbers with the larger one on top and the smaller ones on the bottom.
3. Align the numbers as per the place value one below the other.
4. If you have decimal points they should also line up in a column.
5. Working from right to left, subtract the bottom number from the top number.
6. Put the answer at the bottom of each column.
7. Regrouping is not required if the top number is greater than the bottom number.

Subtracting without Regrouping Examples

Example 1.
Subtract 52 and 10 without regrouping.
Solution: 42
Working each column from right to left.
2 – 0 = 2
5 – 1 = 4
Write the result in ones column and tens column.
Subtraction without Regrouping img_2

Example 2.
Subtract 625 and 113 without regrouping.
Solution: 512
Working each column from right to left.
5 – 3 = 2
2 – 1 = 1
6 – 1 = 5
Write the result in ones column, tens column and hundreds column.
Subtraction without Regrouping img_4

Example 3.
Subtract 9 and 7 without regrouping.
Solution: 2
Working each column from right to left.
9 – 7 = 2
Write the result in ones column.

Example 4.
Subtract 9999 and 1000 without regrouping.
Solution: 8999
Working each column from right to left.
9 – 0 = 9
9 – 0 = 9
9 – 0 = 9
9 – 1 = 8
Write the result in ones column, tens column, hundreds column and thousands column.
Subtraction without Regrouping img_3

Example 5.
Subtract 96431 and 16130 without regrouping.
Solution: 80301
Working each column from right to left.
1 – 0 = 1
3 – 3 = 0
4 – 1 = 3
6 – 6 = 0
9 – 1 = 8
Write the result in ones column, tens column, hundreds column, thousands column and ten thousands column.
Subtraction without Regrouping img_1

FAQs on Subtraction without Regrouping

1. What is subtraction without regrouping?

Regrouping in subtraction is a process of exchanging one ten into ten ones. Regrouping is not necessary if the subtrahend is greater than the minuend.

2. Give one example for Subtraction without Regrouping?
Subtract 84 and 2

3. How do you teach subtraction without borrowing?

  • Place the number being subtracted under minuend so that place values in the same column match.
  • Subtract each column separately starting with the ones.
  • Write the result of the subtraction below each column.

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