Names of the Numbers

Names of the Numbers – Definition, Facts, Examples | Number Names for 1 to 50(Spellings of Numbers)

In mathematics, Numbers are usually used for counting, measuring, and checking quantities. Just like everything in the world numbers also have their respective words. Here, on this page, you will find the complete information about the Names of the Numbers. Students will already know some number names like from 1 – 20 but, here you can learn from 1 to n-digit number names. In preschool children are taught by number names which are fundamentals of maths.

These Names of the Numbers are helpful to students not only in primary but also in high school too. Many of the problems are related to these Number Names. Teaching the Names of the Numerics will help the students to write them correctly. All students should be known by Number Names of counting numbers. Names of Numbers are represented in alphabetical form. Each Number Name refers to a specific word. Furthermore, check the below sections to know in detail about the Names of the Numbers like Objectives of teaching Number names, etc.

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What are Number Names? | Numbers in Words

A number is a series of symbols that have a special significance in themselves. In maths, a Number name is a process of describing numbers in words.

How to Write Number Names in Words?

To write Number Names in words you should know the place value of a digit. Based on the position of numbers we expand the numbers first and write their names of the number and combine those Number Names.

This is the easiest way to write down the Name of the Numbers. With the help of given examples, you can remind them how to expand and spell the words promptly. Let’s dive into the below sections for more details like importance, number names 1-50, etc.

Importance of Number Names in Words

  • Numbers play a main role in mathematics similarly, Number Names are fundamental for students to know.
  • These Names help the students when they are ready to solve any problem in classes.
  • Also, It is the basic rule in maths.
  • In our real-life situations, we can relate numbers to quantities.

Number Names 1 – 50

Now, let us practice the numbers from 1 – 20 with their Number Names and memorize them easily. Number Name is the method of representing the numbers in words. Have a glance at the below table:

Number Names 1 to 20

1-20 number names

Now, learn the Number Names for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

30 – Thirty 70 – Seventy
40 – Forty 80 – Eighty
50 – Fifty 90 – Ninety
60 – Sixty 100 – One Hundred

Number Names 21 to 30

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Twenty-one Twenty-Two Twenty Three Twenty Four Twenty Five Twenty Six Twenty Seven Twenty Eight Twenty Nine Thirty
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Thirty-One Thirty-Two Thirty-Three Thirty-Four Thirty-Five Thirty-Six Thirty-Seven Thirty-Eight Thirty-Nine Forty
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
Forty-One Forty-Two Forty-Three Forty-Four Forty-Five Forty-Six Forty-Seven Forty-Eight Forty-Nine Fifty

Examples of Names of Numbers

Example 1:

Write 75 in words?


Now, write the place values i.e., 7 = seventy and, 5 = five. Let us expand the numbers
75 = 70 + 5 = seventy-five.

Example 2:

Write 479 in words.


Expand the numbers, 479 = 400 + 70 + 9. The Number Name is Four hundred seventy-nine.

Example 3:
Write 862 in words.


First, write the given number in expanded form and write the Number Names and then merge that name.
862 = 800 + 60 + 2 i.e., eight hundred + sixty + two.
Now, we’ll merge the Number names. The Name of the Number is Eight Hundred Sixty-Two.

Example 4:

Write 7569 in words?

Given number is 7569
First expand the given number into place value
Ie., 7569 = 7000 + 500 + 60 + 9
Now, write in words for each place value
Ie., Seventy thousand + five hundred + sixty + nine

Hence, The Number Name for 7569 is Seventy Thousand Five Hundred Sixty-Nine.

FAQs on Number Names

1. Why is it important to know Number Names for Numbers?

It helps the children how numbers are connected to each other. They understand the Number words and use them in different circumstances.

2. What do Names of the Numbers mean?

Numbers with words are the alphabetical form of numbers in mathematics. With the help of number words, we could make the higher value of the number in words easily.

3. How do you get the Number Name of the highest number?

You should expand the given highest number with the place values and write the names for the respective place values then combine those expanded Number Names. For instance, if the number is 2336. Now, expand the number i.e., 2000 + 300 + 30 + 6 (in words two thousand + three hundred + thirty + six), then merge the number words i.e., 2336 = two thousand three hundred thirty-six.

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