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Greater than Less than and Equal to Symbols | How to Remember Greater, Less than, Equal to Signs?

In the Comparison of Numbers, we use symbols like Greater than, Less than, or Equal to. Greater than, Less than Symbols helps us to determine how one number is different from the other. These symbols denote if a number is greater than the other, or less than the other or else equal. Symbols for greater than is >, for less than, is <, and for equal to is = sign. Go through the further modules and fill in the blanks with relevant signs in the problems stated.

Once you get grip on the concepts of Comparison of Numbers start practicing using the Greater or Less than and Equal to Worksheets available. Take a Printout of these Greater, Less than, Equal to Activity Worksheets for free and access them offline too.

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Greater, Less than, and Equal to Signs

Important Signs used for the Identification of Bigger, Smaller, and Equal to Numbers are as follows

= If two values are equal
then we use the sign equals to
Example: 3+3 = 6
If two values are not equal
we use the not equal to sign
Example: 4+3 ≠ 9
< If one value is smaller than the other
we use the less-than sign
Example: 2 < 6
> If one value is bigger than the other
we use the “greater than” symbol
Example: 8 > 4

Applications of Greater than, Less than or Equal to Signs

There are numerous applications of the greater than, less than, or equal to signs in mathematics. During the Comparison of Numbers, we will not always end up with an equality sign. At times, there arise scenarios of inequality and we end up using symbols greater than, less than. The statement can be expressed as a mathematical expression.

While dealing with the inequalities pay attention to the inequalities direction. Few tricks that don’t affect the inequalities direction in a problem is as follows

  • Multiplying or Dividing the Inequalities on both sides with the same positive number.
  • Adding or Subtracting with the same number on both sides of an inequality expression.

Examples of Greater than, Less than, or Equal to

Example 1.
Write the Correct Comparison Symbol >, <, = in the blanks
1. 140 …….. 142
2. 155 ……. 152
3. 16 …….19
4. 18 ………18
5. 34 …….38
6. 71 …….74
7. 89…….88
8. 98……95
1. 140 …<….. 142, 140 is less than 142
2. 155 …>…. 152, 155 is greater than 152
3. 16 ..<…..19, 16 is less than 19
4. 18 …..=….18, 18 is equal to 18
5. 34 …<….38, 34 is less than 38
6. 71 …<….74, 71 is less than 74
7. 89…<….88, 89 is greater than 88
8. 98…>….95,98 is greater than 95

Example 2.
Compare the numbers given and Place a sign in the below set.
Practice Worksheet on Comparison of NumbersExample 3:
Fill in the Boxes using>, <, or = sign. Take a Printout of the handy Worksheet on Greater than Less than or Equal to for free and begin your practice.
Greater than Less than Equal to Worksheets

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